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Disclaimer & Terms of use

This document is an electronic record form in accordance with IT Act 2000 & rules are applicable. No digital signatures are required for this electronic record. The Privacy Policy, the Rules, the Rules and the User Agreement on Access to Baba Life Style Website is published in accordance with Rule3(1) of the 2011 IT Rules.

User Agreement

The User Agreement shall contain the policies, terms and conditions and rules and regulations that apply to all persons who access the site at


Any change in the terms and conditions can be made by the company and the person who violates the terms and conditions of this user agreement may be denied access any time. If any changes are made in a user agreement, only the user who visits the web is notified on the website, and he or she must always read the user agreement. You agree to be bound by the Baba Life Style rules and policies by accepting the terms of the user agreement.

Personal and Non-Commercial Use Limitation

The website is restricted to personal and non-commercial use only. For the purposes it is intended, you will use the website. Any information, software, images, products or services obtained from the website can not be copied, sold, distributed, reproduced, published or transmitted.

Links to Third Party Sites

This website may contain links to other websites. Third party sites Links As we don't control these web sites, Baba Life Style is not responsible for any transactions you make on any one of these websites. The inclusion of these websites ' links does not imply any link to those websites. We are not responsible for any damage caused to you through the use of these websites of any third party.

No Prohibited Use

You consent to not use this website for any purposes prohibited in our terms and conditions by using this website. You may not use this website in any way that could damage or affect the website or violate the terms and conditions of its use. You cannot use any means from the website to try to collect any information.

Material provided to Baba Life Style or posted on the sites

Baba Life Style materials or those that are posted on Baba Life Style websites may claim ownership of any material that you provide to Baba Life Style (including your registration, feedback and proposals) or post or submit to any other website. You will nevertheless allow Baba Life Style to use your submissions without any restrictions, by submitting, posting or uploading your submissions on by email or other means. Your entry may be copied, edited, altered or distributed. We agree that the user identifiable information included in the submissions will not be used. Baba Life Style has the right, however, to use or process aggregated user data.


Liability Disclaimer

The software, information, products and services available on the websites may be accurate. Responsibility Disclaimer Changes are made on the website regularly. At any time, Baba Life Style may modify the website. It is recommended that you consult a professional for advice that meets your circumstances before making any decision based on the adviction received on the website. We do not represent availability and appropriateness of information, products, software, services and graphics contained in the website, as well as timeliness, reliability and accuracy. All such information, products, software and services, without guarantee, shall be provided.

No damage indirect, direct, punitive, special or consequential arising from the use of or performance of the web site will be blamed for Baba Life Style in any event. You can stop using the website if you are unhappy with any part of the website.

Termination/ Access Restriction

Baba Life Style reserves the right to cease or limit access to the websites and other services at any time, without prior notice.


Baba Life Style reservations You are ready to comply, while making any purchase from the Baba Life Style website, with all terms and conditions mentioned on the website. You recognize that all the information you submit is correct and that you pay all the charges for the product that you are going to buy.